John Baxter was a member of the Cresthaven Ski Club in the 1960’s and was quite active in the Club. Although he had a handicap of a withered arm, it did not deter him. His enthusiasm and attitude toward life was infectious. He was a firm believer of keeping in shape even before it was fashionable. In the spring and summer, while some members drove to the courts to play tennis, John would join them, having ridden his bicycle from his home in the downtown area of Brooklyn.

John started the Club’s Shelter Island bike outings on weekends. Many also joined him every weekend for bike rides in Central Park. In the fall, he helped us get ready for the ski season by leading our ice skating outings every Thursday.

When ski season came, John was well prepared and went on many weekend trips and organized trips to Gray rocks in Canada. On these trips, John was always the life of the party. He loved to welcome new members to the Club and make them feel comfortable at our meetings.

John was Vice President during the 1969-70 year. Unfortunately, on the eve of the ski fantasy in 1970, John passed away suddenly.

The Club decided to honor John Baxter by making his Vice President Trophy a “Revolving Trophy”. It is awarded each year to a member who is neither on the executive board nor holds an appointed office, but who has devoted his or her time and energy working for the betterment of the Club. This is the Club’s highest appreciation award. It’s just a small way of saying ‘Thank You’ for all the help unselfishly rendered.

By Fran Melanson


Past John Baxter Award Recipients:

1971    Tony Gurgui
1972    Barbara Masterson O'Keefe
1973    Richard Vitkay
1974    Fran O'Loughlin
1975    Peter Jansky
1976    Neal O'Keefe
1977    Lucia O'Laughlin
1978    Kathleen Nezalsky
1979    Andy Bourbigot
1980    Ed Vogel
1981    Genevieve Jansky
1982    Joseph Hartdegan
1983    Myrna Bourbigot
1984    Anthony Percivalle
1985    Ed Bopp
1986    Catherine Kane Hartdegan
1987    Aldo Spetti
1988    Bob Martellucci
1989    Al Magliano
1990    Pat Dolan
1991    George Reyels
1992    Aileen Martellucci
1993    Fran Melanson
1994    Charlie Marrara
1995    Ralph LaMoglia
1996    Jaclin Gitter
1997    Dorothy Sellitto
1998    Lois Katz
1999    Clarice Mormando
2000    Audrey Schlau
2001    Gwen Morris Davis
2002    Marge Mulkeen
2003    Ed Podlesny
2004    Diano Lindo
2008    Frank Majerle


Additional Club Awards: The Dorothy Sellitto Spirit Award


Profiles of Past Recipients:

2008 - Frank Majerle


  • The year’s recipient has been a member of the board for many years.
  • After the meetings are over, his work is just beginning. Long after everyone else has left or gone to the bar, he is busy working away on his laptop.
  • If visibility is bad on the slopes, his colorful outfits and pink ski poles are like a beacon leading us all home.


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